Sunday, June 26, 2011


Let’s start off with the thing everyone is talking about the most, the suit! Many, for some reason, will disagree with me about this but I am sticking with what I believe and that is the CGI suit design was the best choice for the Green Lantern look. It wouldn’t of given the same amazing effect of his power suit if it was a full suit with light effects. Here is a hint for those of you reading too much into why they shouldn’t use CGI, take some time to BELIEVE AND IMAGINE!

You get the whole detailed story from the start of the movie unlike some movies which spend too much time on the base story of one person. Yes. before you say anything, I do get the fact the movie was based on the story of Green Lantern. I love the fact that it built up the bad guy of the story and also had a full fight with the same bad guy. I do have to say that some comic book related shows/movies build up that big fight and only have a short scene of the fight.

The cast was amazing. Ryan Reynolds was 100% the best choice for the role of Hal Jordan. It was awesome how Blake Lively and Ryan played off each other and worked well together the whole movie. Two thumbs up to the cast and crew for doing an amazing job, bringing the comic book hero from the pages to the big screen!


My over all rating of the movie is FIVE STARS!!!

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