Saturday, July 30, 2011

Review of Cowboys and Aliens

Whoever came up with the idea of teaming up James Bond (Daniel Craig) with
Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford), should win an Oscar just for that. I will
admit I was worried at first it was going to be too much pointing out
things that made them look like the characters they are best known for.
Luckily that was not the case. Looking at this as a reviewer I like movies
such as “Cowboys and Aliens” because they are not part of a series, why do
I say that you ask? Because with no movies before it to compare it to, I am
able to look at it from all sides.

Some scenes do go on a little long without anything happening, not making
it a bad movie just odd timing spots, other then that the movie was great.

Jon Faveau is one of my favorite directors mainly thanks to Iron Man and
Iron Man 2 (Yes ELF as well!). He is great at what he does and he shows it
with Cowboys and Aliens. He worked great with the cast and crew to make
this movie a box office hit. Speaking of the crew of the movie, there was
a part of the movie connected to my home state (Vermont) and that was the
screenplay writer Hawk Ostby (Iron Man) who I had the honor of meeting a
couple years ago. Two thumbs up to Hawk Ostby on another great job!

As I said in the start of this, Daniel Craig (James Bond: Casino Royale)
and Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones, Star Wars) are great as the main stars of
the movie aka Jake Lonergan and Woodrow Dolarhyde, but it is never just the
main characters that make the movie what it is. Sam Rockwell played Doc,
Rockwell has worked with Faveau before on Iron Man 2 when Sam played Justin
Hammer, who was Tony Stark’s business opponent.

Olivia Wilde played Ella Swenson the pretty much love interest of Jake
Lonergan but there is more to her story then what meets the eye, as for the
detail of that is for you to find out. Some people may know Noah Ringer who
plays the young Emmet Taggart as Aang from The Last Airbender which came
out last July in 3D, I believe he did a great job in this movie. Paul Dano
(Knight and Day) does a fun and good job playing Percy Dolarhyde, who is
Woodrow Dolarhyde’s son.

The special effects were great!

Please do remember to talk to the kids in your group, if you choose to
bring anyone under the age of 13. No this movie is not a horror film at all
but scenes with the aliens could cause the younger or even the older
viewers to jump.

I would of liked to have seen more of a fight scene in parts with the aliens
because it was just a little too fast with the humans beating the aliens or
the aliens beating the humans.

So after all I would say the movie gets two thumbs up, for being pretty
great. I would tell you to go see it, so go!

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