Friday, September 16, 2011

Disney's The Lion King In 3D Review

Photo copyright: Walt Disney Pictures

In 1994, we first saw the young prince, we heard the lion roar, we met the comedic duo of a tomcat and a warthog, and now in 2011 we get it all over again!

Disney’s The Lion King does it again with this two week run in theaters, only this time it is in 3D and let me say it is worth seeing it again! Most of you know the cast pretty well so we are going to start off with them in this review. The voice of Simba himself is Matthew Broderick (Ferris Bueller‘s Day Off and the upcoming movie Tower Heist), Broderick plays the older Simba as he faces the past and future of his life, Matthew does an amazing job as the lion born to be king. Now we didn’t first meet Simba with the voice of Broderick. The young prince we first met was the voiced by Jonathan Taylor Thomas (Home Improvement) who also did an amazing job as the lion cub.

Photo copyright: Walt Disney Pictures

Now the whole movie wasn’t just staring these two actors, there are other roles that help make this movie as amazing as it is. The great James Earl Jones (Star Wars) does the voice for the Simba’s father, Mufasa, along side his helpful right hand bird Zazu, voiced by Rowan Atkinson (Bean). Also in the movie was the wise monkey named Rafiki who was voiced by Robert Guillaume (First Kid, Big Fish). Along the way in the movie Simba meets two funny guys in the jungle named Timon, voiced by Nathan Lane (Mousehunt), and Pumbaa, voiced by Ernie Sabella (Mousehunt, Timon & Pumbaa). My sides hurt from laughing so hard at their scenes. All these and the other cast members are amazing and help make the movie awesome!

Now Disney as always does an great job with the movie as well as the music and art to go along with it. Every movie that comes out of Walt Disney Studios and every Disney company is amazing from my view. Now let’s start with the Director Roger Allers who isn’t a stranger to Walt Disney Studios. He was one of the writers for many Disney movies such as Aladdin and Oliver & Company, just to name a couple. Allers has also directed the movie Open Season in 2006, and was on the storyboard team for The Little Mermaid and Return to Never Land. The second Director for the movie was Rob Minkoff, who directed movies like Stuart Little and Stuart Little 2 as well as The Haunted Mansion in 2008. The two Directors made a great part.

Hans Zimmer did the wonderful music score for the movie. Most of the people now know his music from movies such as The Dark Knight, Pirates of The Caribbean, and Inception. One of the people who worked on the music for the movie was Sir Elton John. He wrote many of the songs from the movie including “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” and the main song “The Circle Of Life”. There were new people working on creating this 3D edition of the movie that did not have a part in the original movie production. The project’s executive producer was John Lasseter, who is also the Chief Creative Officer of Pixar and directed the movie Cars 2, which I reviewed earlier this year.

So the movie gets 5 stars from this writer, and I definitely say you should go see it! Whether you’ve never seen before or you’ve been since the original release, the 3D edition will not disappoint. Let your inner lion roar into theaters to see Disney’s The Lion King in 3D.

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