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Alvin And The Chipmunks: Chipwrecked (Nintendo Wii) Review.

Alvin And The Chipmunks: Chipwrecked (Nintendo Wii) Review.

Started the game by taking the “Questionnaire“ for finding out which Chipmunk I am, the answer was Alvin. It doesn’t mean you have to stay with that choice, there is a menu (which it tells you about at the end of the test) that will let you switch which Chipmunk you are.

Now on the “MAIN menu”, I am going to start off by trying “Story” mode since it is the top of the list.

First make sure you listen to the story of the game, DO NOT SKIP! Then after listen as Alvin will tell you how to play the game. AGAIN DO NOT SKIP ONE PART!!

Played the first level of the game, the lead in to the level was a scene photo of where you are. Below the image was a speech bubble which popped up with a picture of the Chipmunk/Chipette, that was talking. You could also hear them telling you what the speech bubble said.

Now in the level, you dancing along with the Chipmunks/Chipettes (depending on which Chipmunk you are). You must move the control along with the moves shown in the pictures at the bottom of the screen while playing, make sure you watch for what they tell you to do.

One issue with this part is that I think it would have been a little better if you got to see the Chipmunks/Chipettes talking instead of just the picture next to the speech bubble.

My rating of the first level of “Story” mode is A+ for the following:
-Sound of the music

The song choices on this game are awesome! Even the original theme song “We’re The Chipmunks” is a playable song. Other choices include “Life Is A Highway”, “Beat It”, “All Star”, “Oh Pretty Woman” and more with 30 songs over all. If you would like to pick your next Chipmunk the same way as the first, go to the “Questionnaire” choice on the “MAIN menu”.

My rating for songs of the game is A for the following:
-Song choice
-Performance by the Chipmunks/Chipettes

As you play songs, you will earn “Stars” which you can use after for buying things to change the look of your Chipmunk, such as a baseball hat for Alvin. It is very easy to use the “Customization” menu, you can also switch Chipmunks/Chipettes on that menu.

My only real issue with this part of the game is that I don’t think there are enough choices of oufits (Meaning there are two).

My rating for the “Customization” part of the game is B+ for the following:
-Choice of Hats
-Choice of Chipmunks/Chipettes

In “Free Play” mode, you can pick from all 30 songs and play as many times as you would like. Now in “COOP” Mode, you can play along with your friends/family. Each player much pick a Chipmunk/Chipette (Player 1, can choose without changing your “Story” mode choice) and then you can dance along with the songs a turn at a time.

My rating of “Free Play” and “COOP” is A+ for the following:
-Able to play the game with family/friends
-Able to play any song you want

I would strongly recommend this game to families and younger players.

Check out the game at this site:

Thank you to Majesco Entertainment for sending a copy of the game for the site to review!

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