Saturday, March 10, 2012

Back to the future Review and Essex Cinemas Throwback Thursday.

Ever wonder what it would be like to go back to the year, 1955? Well Marty McFly knows first hand, he even knows what it is like to go to 2015 as well (But that is for later). Now I had the chance to go "Back to the Future" at Throwback Thursday at Essex Cinemas and T-Rex, it was EPIC.

Got there about an hour before planned show time (8pm) and there was a long line. It didn't take that long to get into the theater because of the speed of the staff. You walked into the hallway of theaters from the loby and head towards the T-Rex, there were staff members waiting to take your tickets at the door. Just inside of T-Rex, they went for the extra detail with people saying "Save the clock tower" and handing out real copies of the flyer which Marty gets in the movie. The local radio station Star 92.9 was the sponsor of this event as they are at every Throwback Thursday. They did a great job at hosting the events of the night.

The theater was set and the movie is ready to begin. The Universal logo came on the screen and everyone watched and now the names rolled across the screen, right before the scene started. Everyone went crazy for all the well known scenes, even the first time movie watchers were happy to meet Marty McFly.

The main part of this review is the Throwback Thursday event, but I will say a few things about the movie.

The cast was great, Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd played Marty McFly and Dr. Brown (in that order). the other cast in the movie includes Biff Tannen (Played by Thomas F. Wilson), Jennifer Parker (Played by Claudia Wells), George McFly and Lorraine Baines (played by Crispin Glover and Lea Thompson). Robert Zemeckis did an fantastic job directing the movie, he also directed the movies "Forrest Gump" and "The Polar Express". Now anyone ever heard of one of the executive producers? I believe his name is Steven Spielberg, I remember something about a movie he did called I think "Indiana Jones". Mr. Spielberg to this day is still one of the greatest names in movie history, from "E.T." to "The Adventures of Tintin" Mr. Spielberg had done it all.  The special effects in this movie were awesome, as well as the sound effects.

So check out to find out more about upcoming Throwback Thursday events.
Thank you to ESSEX CINEMAS and T-REX for being the theater of choice for my movie reviews. When you are looking for the best place to check out a movie, make it ESSEX CINEMAS and T-REX at the Essex Outlets Center in Essex, VT!

The T-Rex Theater is AMAZING!!! With the 60 foot curved screen and 124 speakers which is part of 7.1 Digital Surround Sound, there are 401 extra wide luxury seats with memory-foam headrests making a movie theater trip you will never forget! T-Rex stands for “Theatre Real Extreme”

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