Thursday, December 20, 2012

Monsters Inc. 3D Review

Now before we get to the review, World Wide Blog Of Movies would like to take the time to send prayers to the families who lost their loved ones durning the School shooting in Newtown, CT. Let's take a moment please.

Thank you. On the Today Show, Ann Curry asked people to honor those killed by commiting to do one act of kindness for someone you know or even someone you don't know. She calls it the #26Acts. Please I am asking my readers to do that.
Mike and Sully are here again with the same story, just in 3D this time. Now just because this movie has been out before, doesn't mean you shouldn't go see it in 3D! The story is fantastic and the 3D effects add so much to the Disney/Pixar magic.

Now is 3D a good reason to bring a not-too-old movie back out? I would say yes. Even the 2D drawn animated opening was really good in 3D, it showed off most of the 3D effects right from the start. John Lasseter is the head of the 3D work on this movie as he has been with every 3D edition of the Disney movies making their way back into the theaters, he did another great job with this film. There is a scene that shows snow, I don't want to give away too many details for those who haven't seen the film but trust me it really shows off the 3D upgrade. A room full of doors is another fantastic scene for the 3D.

Over all the movie is a great film and all those that haven't seen it should go and those who have should check out the 3D. Don't forget to check out next year's movie "Monsters University" and find out how Mike and Sully met.

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