Monday, August 19, 2013

The Butler Review.

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Looking for a movie that will keep hold of your heart until the very end? Then go see Lee Daniels' The Butler. Inspired by the story of former White House butler Eugene Allen.

Forest Whitaker plays Cecil Gaines (based on Eugene), you can't help but feel for this man the whole movie. Whitaker is a very great actor and has a wonderful feel about him that makes him easy to like and I think that is what makes him so wonderful in this film. Word has it that he will be playing Louis Armstrong in an upcoming movie project, I hope that it is true.

Oprah Winfrey plays Cecil's wife Gloria Gaines, these two make quite a pair in this film. During the good and the bad moments, this pair will keep you connected to the film from start to finish. The way she can pull off the straight face no funny business scenes and still be able to do the lighter mood scenes is the best part of her acting in this movie.

Let's talk about the Presidents.

1. Dwight D. Eisenhower played by Robin Williams. Now many know Robin for his comedy, but he has and can do very serious roles and I was glad to see him do great honor to the role of President Eisenhower.

2. John F. Kennedy played by James Marsden. Who knew that Scott Summers aka Cyclops of the X-Men would be in the White House (not looking for Nightcrawler)? Along with Williams, James is one of the best actors in the line of Presidents in this film. His voice in the scenes make him great in the role of Kennedy.

3. Lyndon B. Johnson played Lieve Schreiber. (I think X-Men actors are taking over). He supplies more of a lighter but serious side to the White House.

4. Richard Nixon played by John Cusack. In this film he is a mix of Lieve's lighter scenes and Robin's serious scenes. Over all a good choice.

5. Ronald Reagan played by Alan Rickman. The 'Harry Potter' movie star made a really good President Reagan which is a real surprise, not because of his acting as I am a huge fan of him in the Harry Potter series, I just wouldn't have said before this film that he should play this role.

Shout out to Minka Kelly (Jacqueline Kennedy) for playing and looking the role.

Watch for a scene where they walk into Woolworth's. While in New Orleans with my family, we drove by them filming at that location. The state of Louisiana has been a major spot of film locations lately which is great! I believe this whole film was done in Louisiana.

Looking for a great end of the summer film? Head to the theaters and check out "The Butler".

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