Monday, September 30, 2013

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 Review.

Bill Harder returns as the voice of Flint Lockwood in the new family film 'Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2'.

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I think what makes this a great family film is the fact it is an 'action' film but all the action is done with food and all the big animals are made of food too. It is like Jurassic Park for the whole family. It really has a great meaning to the story as well.

One of my favorite parts of this film is the detail, I know it is a bunch of food but detail is major. You may wonder what detail I am talking about with this film, well the food is my point. With the food coming to live there had to be as much detail possible in the look of the food to make it work. Each food character is based on a real life animal, which is where the detail comes in. They use the detail to mix the animals with the food, such as making a spider-burger which has french fries for legs. They couldn't just make a spider with a cheese burger for a body with usual spider legs, it had to make sense which it did.

A funny part about the cast for this film is the fact you can find most of them on this year's fall tv shows. Such as Neil Patrick Harris, the voice of Steve. You can find this funny guy on the CBS hit show, 'How I Met Your Mother'. James Caan, the voice of Tim Lockwood, can also be seen in the new ABC series 'Back in the Game'. Andy Samberg, and Terry Crews, the voices of Brent McHale and Earl Devereaux, are on the new Fox comedy 'Brokyn Nine-Nine'. Bringing us to Anna Faris, the voice of Sam Sparks, who stars in the new CBS series 'Mom'. Over all I think the comedy that each of these people bring is what makes this film work.

This movie is great for all ages, within the comedy of the film in really has a great message. This film is 5-stars without a doubt!

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