Tuesday, February 18, 2014

RoboCop Review.

The word of the day is “Reboot”, it is one of the most popular words in film. The question is does it work every time? Well, let's talk about one of the current released reboots, ROBOCOP.

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Joel Kinnaman plays Alex Murphy, the Detroit cop living in the year 2028. Murphy's life gets a big change when events lead him to become RoboCop. One of my favorite parts is what they show in the trailer, when Alex first wakes up with the full robotic body. His reaction is like “Umm Doctor, where's my body??” (Not the real quote) then he gets all mad, it really sets the feeling of the change up well.

Here is what throws me off. In “Back to the Future” 2015 is set as such a high tech year, flying Cars, High-Tech kitchens, Etc. Now RoboCop which set in 2028, 13 years from 2015. They have current day houses, cars, building, etc.. The only few upgrades are Computers and iPad type stuff and of course the robotic officer. I love this film, I just wonder if all of our houses will look the same in 2028 as they do now.. Most of all, will we still be waiting for those flying cars? Because, I really want a flying car.

A major part of this film, SPECIAL EFFECTS. First of all, THE SUIT aka RoboCop's body. The detail of the parts is amazing, his robotic hand looks and moves like his original. The face mask flips down over his face when he needs to go into battle, it really has a Iron Man feel to it. (Just a note, that would be a epic movie... RoboCop/Iron Man). In my review last week about Monuments Men, I talked about the small amount of special effects working well in that film. Now in this film, there are MAJOR special effects and they are FANTASTIC!! Light effects and camera angles play a big part in the effects.

What I like about the story is that each scene is a big part of it, bringing a new piece of it to light with each moment. It is great how they make Alex's life and RoboCop's life, two pieces of their own but at the same time connected because of being one. What I mean by that is, they build up Alex, his family and his career with full detail. While at the same time, they bring us the full detail story of RoboCop and in the right moments they mix the two lives.

Cast, cast, cast. First, did we look at a list of comic book movie cast past/current and just pick out a few names. My point is the following list.

Gary Oldman as Dr. Dennett Norton. This man is just great at any role he is in. I do have say, it did seem in some parts that they just used the base of his script from his role of James Gordon in the Dark Knight series. That isn't a bad thing, it is because Dr. Norton had the same vibe as Gordon, which I think is part of what made it work.

Samuel L. Jackson as Pat Novak, the guy who likes to sound like Nick Fury. “What if I told you that..” there was a team of unlikely heroes? Oh wait.. that wasn't the end of his quote from RoboCop, sorry my bad.

Michael Keaton as Raymond Sellars, the man who picked black for RoboCop's color. The scene where they have Michael aka Raymond say he wants the color black is a great nod to his role as Batman without him just yelling “I'M BATMAN” in the middle of the scene.

The always joking Jackie Earle Haley plays the also joking Rick Mattox. What does he bring to the film? HUMOR and lots of it.

Now for all of you keeping score, here are the final results:

1 – Batman
1 – Gordon from Batman
1 – Avenger leader
1 – Watchmen Member

Over all this is a fantastic film and well worth for seeing for any action movie fans and the fans of the original. There is one major note, they show A LOT in the lead up to him being RoboCop and the research times following. Meaning, it could be too much for a young movie goer and those for any age who do not like intense 'medical' graphic moments. 

If you are going to see an action movie, let it be...

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