Friday, February 7, 2014

The LEGO Movie Review

So the past year has been building up to this moment, the release of the first ever LEGO movie! Was the build up worth it? Here's what I think.


Best thing about the movie? The fact that is truly looks like real LEGO. Yes it is a CG animated film, but it looks like you did a stop-motion film of LEGO. Even with having the LEGO people talk, it doesn't change the shape of the head just the face on it. Even the water and fire are made LEGO in this film, making it truly look like what every kid young and old loves.

The voice cast is AWESOME (Yes I will use that word a lot during review because... “EVERYTHING IS AWESOME” watch the trailers and the film itself, you will get it).

Chris Pratt is the voice of Emmett and he does an AWESOME job! A great part about him is his comedy which really plays a big piece (yes more LEGO jokes) in this film.

Speaking of Batman, Will Arnett plays the AWESOME Dark Knight in this film. If you mix the voice sound of Christian Bale in the Dark Knight movie series and the comedy of Adam West in the 1960s series, you get Will Arnett as LEGO Batman.

Elizabeth Banks joins the cast as the voice of Wyldstyle. This AWESOME LEGO girl works along side Emmett and Batman as well as the rest of the group. Her comedy and her vocal talent bring great things to this film.

Don't forget the AWESOME Will Ferrell who is the voice of the not so-AWESOME Lord Business. Even as a villain, Ferrell brings fun and comedy to this LEGO guy.

Now the man who truly could read the phone book and still fill a theater, Morgan Freeman as Vitruvius. Just Freeman's vocal talent will keep you on the edge of your seat waiting for every moment of the film. Because he is simply AWESOME!

What could make a movie about everyone's favorite building toy better? How about some AWESOME 3D effects! Every moment you feel like the LEGO pieces are moving out towards you, it is just like you are sitting in the middle of a LEGO world.

Don't let the idea of a movie about toys make you think it is just a young kid film, because this is truly a film of all ages! This will go down as one of the BEST movies this year and most likely one of the BEST movies EVER! It is 100% worth going to see in theaters! As I said.... EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!!


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