Saturday, June 7, 2014

Edge of Tomorrow Review

So when you take Groundhog Day and mix it with Independence Day, well you would get the Edge of Tomorrow which could be one of the year's greatest action movies.
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So Tom Cruise seems to be living the same day over and over again, just like Groundhog Day, only this time it restarts when he dies. Now that being said, you would go into this film thinking that it is going to be really graphic making a point of how he dies, but it isn't. It really shows what happens without showing what happens. That being said, remember that the bad guys aka the aliens, do pop out of places a lot which can make a person jump.

It is a movie that proves, you don't have to show the extreme graphic parts to make a epic action film. Now the action aside, the story is amazing. It really does keep you on the edge of your seat, making you wonder what is about to happen next. Just because he is living the same day, every day doesn't mean that it will be the same thing every day, what fun would that be?

Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise work perfect together, a main reason is she isn't scared to put him in his place when needed. The other great thing about these two is that not only did they work wonderful together but they could stand their own in solo scenes as well. You can see in the trailers one of the scenes which has Emily Blunt fighting some of the aliens with hand to hand and laser combat, it shows how well she can stand on her own two feet. That can also be said for Cruise too.

I want to know who had the idea of “What about killing the main character over and over again?”, because it was a surprisingly great idea! The writing team should get awards for this script, because as I said earlier it is one of the year's greatest action movies. When you first read about this story, you figure okay he gets killed once figures out whats going on and fixes it within the next time, well that isn't true. The story has multiple sides to it with many details big and small that are major to the events. Don't blink because if you do, you might miss something. Over all, I believe anyone who is willing/able to see a PG-13 action film will have blast with this one.

Shout out to my readers who are fans of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Bill Paxton aka Agent Garrett is in this film as Master Sergeant Farell. Does that mean the aliens in this film could be Hydra?

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