Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Inside Out

Pixar Animation Studios has had a lot of success in taking a simple idea and taking it to extraordinary heights.  They've told us their theory on what happens to toys when we leave the room, and the story behind the monster in your closet.   Now, they show us what it would look like if each of those "voices in our heads" were individuals who made up a team that looks after us.

This movie takes us inside the head of young Riley, introducing us to an entire world.  At the center of this world are 5 characters.  Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Anger, and Fear.  Each of them very different, but all with the same goal of doing what is best for Riley.

Pixar has also done it again with incredible animation.  As the trailers have shown, memories appear in the form of marble-like spheres.  It is an impressive site to see how to use that concept to create a whole network within this world.  The way they create a world based on different concepts about emotions and memories is really great.  It gives a really interesting perspective on how experiences shape who we are.

While I would count this movie as a win, it is not without faults.  There is a little inconsistency with character design.  Each of Riley's emotions are completely individual characters in appearance and voices, but when we see the emotions of either of her parents, they are just different colored variations of each other with pretty much matching voices.  The other issue is one that has already been on social media.  The different emotions are a little too stereotyped.  Showing Joy as tall and thin and Sadness as shorter and heavier.  It may have been worth taking a different approach where they looked more similar to each other but with opposite personalities.

With a great cast and incredible animation, "Inside Out" is worth seeing.  Even though the story may get a little heavy in some spots for the younger kids, the visuals keep them entertained.  What are your emotions telling you about this movie?  Please share your opinions in the comment section.  Just remember our rules, NO OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE & NO SPOILERS.

See you all at the movies!


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