Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Mary Poppins Returns

We’ve never been the ones to go to the movies on Christmas Day, but when life throws you one hard curve ball after another, you are forced to create new traditions. For our readers who don’t know – our Mom died this past May after an extremely short, but very courageous battle with cancer. In just 4 years, our little brother and our Mom have been ripped away from us – thus why we chose to create new Christmas traditions this year, because trying to do “normal” would have just hurt too much.

Ok, now on to the movie. We went to see Mary Poppins Returns. As a huge Mary Poppins fan, I was very excited about seeing this, and it didn’t disappoint at all! Emily Blunt brings her own style and flair to this iconic character and she does it so well. From the moment Mary Poppins arrives on screen, she owns the role. Ben Whishaw and Emily Mortimer portray the roles of Michael and Jane Banks perfectly. You instantly feel like we grew up right along with them, and like they do, long for the innocence of our childhoods, and you feel for them as they face all that adult life throws at us. Without spoiling the story, it can be assumed when talking about a Disney movie that inevitably someone dies, or has died before the story starts. In this movie, it’s Michael’s wife and you can rest assured that you need to bring tissues when watching this movie – especially when you have a back story like ours.

Lin-Manuel Miranda, of Hamilton fame, brings a very unique style to this film and he’s just wonderful! I said to my family after the movie that I could watch him sing and dance for hours. As Jack, Lin-Manuel brings delight and hope to the film and was clearly the perfect choice for this role. I love that the writers and producers gave him the chance to showcase his own style while keeping it right with the story.

The next generation of Banks children are adorable, lovable and unique! They bring a great dynamic to the movie. Nathanael Saleh, Pixie Davies, and Joel Dawson have a great chemistry and what feels like a true sibling bond. As the story develops, you'll find yourself feeling for them, and loving them so much!

Mary Poppins Returns includes wonderful tributes to classic Mary Poppins scenes, while still holding true to it's own identity and telling it's own story. Be sure to watch for some amazing surprise cameos!

Without spoiling the story – there are a lot of fantastic life lessons in this movie. Please, please take note of them and do your best to live by them.

In the words of our founder, Jeremy, Mary Poppins Returns is AMAZING! I can't wait to see it again, and again!

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