Thursday, May 10, 2012

Smell like you were "made to rule"

I reviewed the new movie "The Avengers", which was FANTASTIC! Now I am such a huge fan of the heroes of the story as well as the villain, so I went looking for how to be like them. Now I am not going to go try and save the world, because I am not a super powered hero or a big green body of anger or even a guy in a armored suit. That is why I am working on the series of reviews of the new JADS International, LLC. products based on the movie "The Avengers"

The first product I am reviewing in this series is the colonge called "Mischief" based on the brother of Thor and the villain of the movie Loki. Now when I started movie reviews, I didn't really think I would be reviewing the scent of those in the movie. I guess there really is a first for everything.

I want to talk about the base of this product. While wearing this cologne, I feel like fighting the son of Odin (Please don't go and try to take on the God of Thunder... Remember he has a hammer and can hit you with lightning). I guess this is what is smells like to think you were made to rule. The one small thing I think could be better with the themes is the bottle, I am not saying a full on shaped like Loki bottle just maybe a little more detail to the design.

8 hours and there is still a slight scent of the "Mischief" cologne. Over all I am happy with this product and would suggest that you visit and buy a bottle from them or find out which stores sell this product.

This gets 4 out of 5 stars.

Thank you to JADS International LLC. for supplying this product for my review.

Don't forget to check out my review of the movie "The Avengers", and go check out the movie at your local theater.

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