Wednesday, May 16, 2012

You Can Now Have The Scent Of The Avengers!

I reviewed the new movie "The Avengers", which was FANTASTIC! Now I am such a huge fan of the heroes of the story as well as the villain, so I went looking for how to be like them. Now I am not going to go try and save the world, because I am not a super power hero or a big green body of anger or even a guy in a armor suit. That is why I am working on the series of reviews of the new JADS International, LLC. products based on the movie "The Avengers".

Now I am going to review the Avengers Four Pack from JADS International. The box is a great show of the theme, with the logo on the front and top with logos for all four heroes on the side. When you open the box there are four bottles, full size bottles. After testing the Loki product, I knew just which one of the four to start with.
I had to try out the scent of the God of Thunder, (Not sure you would want to use both at once, you know how well the two brothers get along.. haha). The scent of Thor is called "Worthy", which is a fun name because it plays off the story of who is worthy to hold the hammer of Thor. The scent really fits the theme well, the logo is lightning (I like the logo, I would like to have seen the hammer somewhere on the bottle). The scent lasts just over 9 hours.

Over all this product gets 4 1/2 out of 5 stars (the only issue is the no sign of a hammer on the bottle)

"I am Iron Man" that is what you will be saying as you wear the scent of Tony Stark which is called "Mark VII", this is one of the best out of this set. I worried when putting on a scent named after one of the suits (who would want to have the scent of metal on them??), but I was very happy as I first used this product. The bottle shows off the logo of the suit with the look of the Arc Reactor in the middle, it is prefect for the theme. Now this doesn't give you a suit of armor or the money of Tony Stark, but it does give you the chance to act like the man himself. It lasts for almost 10 hours and really has a good strong scent the whole time.

This product gets 5 out of 5 stars.
Now it's time to "Smash"! or should I say wear "Smash" which is the name of the new product based on the big green guy himself, the HULK. So the effects of this product most likely won't turn you big and green, but it will give the feeling that you will "Smash" into the world of a good time with the strong scent of this product. This products lasts for 10 hours (that was just the time I sat waiting to see if I turned big and green... Just kidding), the scent really stays strong durning the time of wearing it. The bottle works with the name, the logo is the effect of the "Smash" and is green. I believe over all this product really fits the idea of the Hulk well.

This product gets 5 out of 5 stars.
Now the final test, this is the test of "Patriot" the scent of Captain America. This scent really does make you feel like the "Star Spangled Man with a plan" (Red, White and Blue Shield not included). Now the scent is great for the theme and the bottle shows off one of the test designs for the shield which is great, I really like this product. It makes you feel like Steve Rogers as he stands for what is right, (Maybe the next product will make you have the scent of him right before Shield finds him.... ICE!). The name really gives the true meaning of Captain America.

This product gets 5 out of 5 stars.

Go check out and buy this product as well as others based on the Marvel movie The Avengers. Thank you to JADS International LLC. for supplying these products for my reviews.

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