Friday, June 15, 2012

Rock of Ages Review

In 2009 people lined up in New York City to see Rock of Ages live on Broadway. In 2012 people are lining up for the movie edition of Rock of Ages.

Julianne Hough makes her forth big screen appearance with her role as "Just a small town girl" Sherrie Christian. Her acting and singing really bring the broadway character to life in the movie. She was fantastic in Footloose and she in fantastic in Rock of Ages. This girl will "go on and on and on" for a long career in show business.

Making his big screen debut as "Just a city boy" Drew Boley, is Diego Boneta. In the broadway edition when it first came out Drew, is played by Constantine Maroulis, from American Idol. Constantine, also makes a cameo in this film. I believe Diego brought great talent to the role in the film and he reminded me of Maroulis.

No this isn't Tom Cruise's first time on the big screen, but there was a first in this movie for the actor. He sings! Cruise plays the Rocker Stacee Jaxx. He really gets into character with this role and makes you get to know the scotch drinking rock and roll legend. I wasn't sure when I first heard that Tom Cruise was going to be in a musical with full songs for his role, but I am glad to say he did a epic job taking on a new challenge.

Alec Baldwin, and Russell Brand, play the Burbon Room owners Dennis Dupree, and Lonny. Their talents were a main reason that Dennis and Lonny were as funny and serious as they were in this movie.

Now a movie can't be done without a Director, and this movie had Adam Shankman for that job. He has done movies such as Hairspray, Cheaper by the Dozen 2, and The Wedding Planner. He did a wonderful job again along with his cast and crew bringing this film to the theaters.

So would I say this was a family movie? No, but that's okay because it isn't suppose to be. It is a great story which I think everyone will enjoy, it just isn't made for the really young crowd. Note: It is rated for a reason, everything about the movie says the rating and why it is.

If you choose to take kids to the movie then that is your choice, please don't blame the studio after seeing it with kids saying "I can't believe my kids saw that". Remember after all it is your choice! I have heard people blame the studios after taking kids to see higher rated movies, but the studio didn't buy your tickets.. you did.

I would 100% say go see this movie! BEST MUSIC MOVIE IN THEATERS THIS SUMMER!! BEST MUSICAL OF THE SUMMER!!! It really does a AMAZING job at bringing the Broadway to the big screen!

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