Monday, June 4, 2012

Upper Deck The Avengers Movie Trading Cards Review

Seen the Avengers? Fan of the Comics? Bring home the heroes and the villains from all the Avengers movies with the Upper Deck Marvel's The Avengers Assemble Trading Cards.

Each of the main cards shows a scene from one of the movies. There are about 20 cards from each of the lead up movies and over 50 from the Avengers movie. On the back of each card there are details of the scene on the front. These tell you who is in the picture and which part of the movie it is.

There are special edition cards as well, including Autograph cards, Artist Sketch cards, Memorabilia cards and Printing Plate cards. In the packs of cards that Upper Deck sent me for this review, I found an Artist Sketch card of Iron Fist. It is the real deal, you can feel the ink and color from the pens used by the Artist (Do not touch the card a lot because of not wanting to wear it down). I saw the red ink on the back from it bleeding into the paper when they drew it.

The second special edition card I got was one of the Printer Plates, this was of Thor. They used this plate while printing the cards for the set. I was happy to find out that I also got the card in another pack which was made with this plate. Make sure you keep this card in a book or case to make sure it doesn't bend. On the back there is a sticker saying what the card is. For the other special cards it is printed on the back.

The last special edition card that I got was one of the Memorabilia cards, which including part of the costumes used in the movie. This card had two pieces of costume, one was from Hawkeye's suit and the other from Thor's suit. So not only can you bring home a piece of Upper Deck history and official Marvel artist work. You can bring home a part of the movies. There are multi cards in each set of special edition cards.

One of the other cards included in this set is the comic book cover cards. These cards picture comic book covers from the early years of the Avengers to the current day covers, it is a cool way to collect the art from the books.

Over all I give this series of cards 5 stars!!

Thank you to Upper Deck for supplying me with these cards for review.

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