Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Expendables Minimates Review

I am reviewing the Diamond Select Toys Minimates sets from The Expendables and The Expendables 2. In case you are wondering how to get hold of the figures of Barney Ross, there are two of them which you can in the sets sold only at Toys R Us.

In the first movie set there are figures of:

Lee Christmas - Jason Statham

Mr. Church - Bruce Willis

Tool - Mickey Rourke

Hale Caesar - Terry Crews

The Second movie set includes:

Yin Yang - Jet Li

Gunner Jensen - Dolph Lundgren

Jean Vilain - Jean-Claude Van Damme

Toll Road - Randy Couture

Overall the faces are really good detail of each person, I think the best detail comes from the figure of Tool played by Mickey Rourke.

They move very smooth and are easy to play with if you are looking for the toy side of them. The only two things that give a little trouble are Jean Vilain's head and the weapons. With his head it takes a little time to get his sunglasses head on the first time, after that it is easy to pop on and off. The weapon issue is that it also takes some time to get it in the hands of the figures. Other then those two issues the figures are great. I was worried at first when there wasn't a stand of any of them but they are great standing by themselves.

With the toy side of them, I am glad to know that they are very strong and don't break or scratch easy.

As the company says, please do be careful giving these toys to younger ones because of the small parts.

The store packages are great. They each have a short story about the films and the people that the toys are based on. It also includes a picture of the Expendables 2 poster and the skull logo.

Would I say to buy this? Yes.

You can buy them at Diamond Select Toys' Site

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  1. Off to the side of the top-heavy bulk, these elements make up the real victory of Expendables 3: the fun is in the weird.