Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Good Day To Die Hard Review

Bruce Willis is back in action! A Good Day To Die Hard is a great mix of action and comedy, bringing everyone's favorite cop John McClane back to the big screen. Only this time, his son Jack is there with him in Russia. Now John goes to Russia to find Jack, thinking he is part of the crimes there. Finding out that his son is really trying to stop them as part of the CIA is not what John was thinking he would find. My favorite part of this film is how Bruce Willis and Jai Countney play off eachother so well as John and Jack. They bring the action and comedy together prefectly and make this film work.

I heard people talk bad about it and good about it before I went to see it myself, I am glad to say I agree with those talking good. It has a lot of action but it isn't full of just one guy walking around shooting people (Bullet To The Head). This movie is truly a fun action film, loaded with special effects. Now this isn't a Michael Bay film, so not everything blows up every two seconds. That being said, I believe this movie has a fantastic amount of effects. Take the scene in the trailer with the black cars blowing up, had this film been 3D I would say they could have added more detail to the pieces flying. With this film being in 2D, I think they did a marvelous job.

This may not be an Oscar winner in the future, but as a movie in the theaters this is one to see!

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  1. All the actors have justified their roles completely. The script was not up to the mark but the action, stunts and the explosions were really 'dhaansoo'. The best were, the car chase sequence (longest I have ever seen) and the ramming of the helicopter into the building by Irina (Yuliya Snigir). There were some humorous portions as well which showed McClane's (Willis's) cool dude style. Overall, the movie was a nice entertainer and the action sequences keep you glued to your seats.