Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Iron Man: Avengers from Fathead. Review!

Big fan of the Avengers? Well, you can now bring home the Armored Avenger! Iron Man is here thanks to the great company called "Fathead".

Now this is my second review with Fathead and I am glad to point out one fact that is the same in both. That fact is the box got here in perfect shape and the product was very well packed. Why do I point this out twice? Because I think a major part of a good business when it comes to online ordering, is to make sure the product gets to its owner in perfect shape. So two thumbs up to Fathead for a fantastic packing job.

Now on to the product itself, we will start with the main Fathead of Iron Man in his Mark VII suit. This is truly life size and lives up to the Fathead detail.  One of my favorite parts is how the Arc Reactor even has a glow to it. I like how there is a lighting effect on the metal to make it look even more like he is standing right there. The image is so smooth and detailed, which makes this product even more fantastic.

Now along with the main Fathead, there are bonus logos and even a special smaller Fathead of the Armored Avenger himself. First we have the pretty much Fathead Junior of Iron Man again in his Mark VII, this time he is in flight. This has the same level of detail as the main Fathead. Now while promoting the movie, Marvel gave each Avenger their own "A" logo design. Which is why one of the two "A" logos with this Fathead has the Arc Reactor in it to symbol Iron Man. I am a big fan of how Fathead includes the stand alone logos as part of their products. The second "A" is one of my favorites as it is the black "A" with a kind of gold/orange background. The other two movie themed items with this are the "Armored Avenger" logo and the main movie title logo. The "Armored Avengers" even has a city on the inside of the letters of "Avenger". There is even a Fathead of the Fathead logo, the cool part about this is that it is colored to fit right in with the Iron Man theme.

So again I give Fathead 5 stars for another amazing product. If you are looking for some of the greatest movie collectibles, make sure you check out Fathead!

Thank you to Fathead for supplying this product for me to review!

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