Friday, March 8, 2013

Oz: The Great and Powerful Review.

Are you going to see a movie? Well you better be off to see the wizard! Otherwise known as Oz: The Great and Powerful. The Wizard Of Oz was and still is a classic film, it takes a very brave studio to even think about taking on anything to do with the land of Oz, luckily Walt Disney Pictures is that brave studio. We all know the great Wizard played by Frank Morgan in the 1939 classic, now we meet the younger Oz who makes his first trip to the beautiful enchanted land played by the talk of the town James Franco. I know he has been acting for a few years now but he really seems to be showing up more this year.

I was a fan of James Franco as Harry Osborne in the first Spider-Man movie series, I am looking forward to see how he does in Spring Breakers (WHICH IS NOT A FAMILY MOVIE!!), but I believe this is over all his best job yet! There are others along side this great wizard, the first being Zach Braff playing Finley the Flying Monkey. He takes the cake (or Banana) and is a bright star in this. The whole cast did a fantastic job! I can't really get into detail about each due to the story. 

If anyone ever had the idea that 3D was running out of time, this movie will give it many more years. They use so many 3D tricks that truly work, so you can say the magic really comes to life. Next the 3D, my favorite effect is how they switch from black and white to color. It is so smooth and I love how the picture grows. The costume and make up teams get a big thumbs up from this critic. 

Now I can't go without saying something about the director who got this guy hooked on Spider-Man on the big screen, Sam Raimi. (By the way for those of you who haven't heard, he gave kind words to the new Spider-Man series). This man is a directing master, he brings so much to this film. I look forward to the many years and films of this man's work. So great job Mr. Raimi! 

Do you know what the best part of this film is? It has heart. Pure heart. That is where the magic is. 

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