Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Right out of the Ballpark! Interview with "Home Run" star Scott Elrod

On April 19th, the new film "Home Run" will be taking a swing into theaters. World Wide Blog Of Movies had the honor of doing an interview via the internet with the lead star Scott Elrod.

Photo: Scott Elrod as Cory Brand in "Home Run"

J-Wing: Welcome Scott Elrod to World Wide Blog Of Movies! Thank you for doing this interview.

J-Wing: How does it feel to know the movie "Argo" which you were a part of, just won the Oscar for Best Film? 

Scott Elrod: Great experience on all fronts.  So happy for Ben and the cast.  Such a great story that was so well told!  

J-Wing: In Home Run, you play Cory Brand, who from the sounds of the movie is a hotshot baseball player who gets sent back to his small town home after getting in some serious trouble. Now there have been a few movies where the main star gets sent back to the basics after getting in trouble, what will make this story stand out to viewers?
Scott Elrod: I think people will be able to associate with atleast one of if not several of the characters within the film.  

J-Wing: Home Run's Director David Boyd, directed Friday Night Lights. This brings two questions to my mind about your upcoming films. First, do you think that sports piece of his career helped him be a good Director for this film?
Scott Elrod: I think David is a great director period.  His work on FNL as well as other projects only added to his greatness.

J-Wing: The other thing that comes to my mind about Friday Night Lights is your other upcoming film, Lone Survivor. In this film you star with Taylor Kitsch from Friday Night Lights. How was it working with him and the rest of the cast on this project?
Scott Elrod: Taylor was great as was everyone else who was a part of this project, from Peter Berg all the way down to the 2nd AD.  It was one of those projects that just brought us all together, an amazing story about an amazing group of individuals.  

J-Wing: Lone Survivor is based on the war and the SEAL team. Now Zero Dark Thirty just came out this past year and was up for a few Oscars. Some would say it is a bad idea to do back to back movies that stories are so close to together in theme and base. Would you agree or disagree with that fact? 
Scott Elrod: Not a bad idea at all, Zero's success can only add to the success of Lone Survivor.

J-Wing: One more question about Lone Survivor. For You as someone coming from a Military family, how is it working on a Military based film?
Scott Elrod: An honor... 

J-Wing: Now back to our main topic, Home Run. I see that you played Baseball in High School, how much of what you learned while playing then did you use in this movie? 
Scott Elrod: While Home Run is about a professional baseball player, that's just Cory's occupation.  The film is really about Cory's journey thru life rather than the sport he plays.  But to answer your question sure playing baseball obviously helped when the time came to hit a fast ball.

J-Wing: Do you see any of yourself in Cory Brand from Home Run and the other way around?
Scott Elrod: Parts yes and other parts no, all in all there was something about the story that I really gravitated to.

J-Wing: As a writer and a movie fan, I myself can't wait to see the film. As a Actor, do you like to watch your own films or do you find yourself not wanting to watch your own work?
Scott Elrod: Not a big fan of watching my work...

J-Wing: A big thing going around right now is who should play who in the Super hero movies. If you could pick one comic book super hero to play, who? 

Scott Elrod: Always like Batman...
J-Wing: You went into acting after watching Top Gun. What advice would you give someone who wants to get into acting?
Scott Elrod: Actually it wasn't until years later (15 years) after watching Top Gun that I entered into Acting, as far as advise its like anything you have to give it 100%.

J-Wing: Before we finish up, any upcoming projects you can tell us about?
Scott Elrod: Ask me that next week.  Just screen tested for a lead role in a new series so waiting to hear back on that.

J-Wing: Thank you again for doing this interview with World Wide Blog Of Movies. To all seeing this interview, make sure you go see Home Run when it comes on April 19th. I know I will be going to see it at Essex Cinemas!

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