Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Host Review.

Twilight writer Stephenie Meyer's work returns to the big screen with the new movie The Host. Now for all of you who didn't like the Twilight saga, don't judge this film because of that. It gets to me when people judge things based on what came before, it should be judged based on what it is. 

Now speaking of what this film is, let's see how I can put it together in words. This movie is a love story, action movie and a great story about overcoming anything in life. It truly has it all, including a fantastic cast. Melanie is the main character in the film and she is played by Saoirse Ronan, she is marvelous. Now I can't tell you much about her story but I can tell you that with all the detail of it, she shows off a lot of acting skill. Jared Howe is the other half of Melanie's love story and has a story of his own as well. Howe is played by Max Irons, who shows off that he has taken after his father in the area of great acting. I believe we will be hearing much more from this guy. Over all the cast was amazing.

How about some special effects and action? Oh yeah this movie has those. Now we aren't talking about the Michael Bay special effects but this movie can stand its ground. I think one of my favorite tricks they use in this movie is the eyes, which are the key to telling who is a Host (as seen in the trailers). This is another reason I think people need to stop judging it because of Twilight, I know some didn't like the fact that Vampires sparkle (Those of you will be happy to know that the Hosts don't sparkle). 

This movie is 100% worth seeing and I think will be a fan favorite for years. So take the time to go see it and become a part of the new saga.

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