Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Iron Man 3 Funko Product Review

Iron Man 3 Funko Review

The Armored Avenger returns to the big screen on May 3rd in Iron Man 3. World Wide Blog Of Movies is getting ready for that day with the new Iron Man 3 products sent to us from Funko.

Let's start with the two Pop! Vinyl Bobble-Heads. The first one is based on the Mark 42 from the upcoming Iron Man 3. The fun part about these is that they aren't only for adult collectors, they can be fun for the kids as well. Some of the best detail work I've seen in a while on both this figure and the War Machine figure.  One of my favorite over-all movie details on these two products is on the box itself. If you look at the left side panel of the box, you will see a large cartoon-like picture of the figure but behind it is the biggest detail. You can see the new movie edition of Tony's Hall of Armor, so it even gives you sneak preview of the upcoming film.

One of the Pop! figures in this series is Iron Man's Deep Space Suit, which hints towards Tony's travels to space in Iron Man 3... Could we be meeting more heroes?
Now we move on to the Iron Man 3: Mark 42 Wacky Wobbler. Right off the bat, I notice the detail of the Iron Man helmet. The other well done detail is his over all suit, including the simple white Arc Reactor that stands out from the suit to make it seem like is a light.  As a collector, I like the fact there is space by his feet on the base. Why? Because if you find yourself able to make it to a Marvel event, that gives you a great item to get signed.

Thank you to Funko for sending these great products for World Wide Blog Of Movies to review! For more info on these and more of their fantastic Iron Man 3 products head to

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