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Let's talk about the man himself, Henry Cavill. I think what makes him the best choice for this role is how he said he used the comic books to get ready for this film and not his past roles. When Amy Adams was picked as Lois Lane, Noel Neil said she was "a wonderful choice" (Which as all fans know, that is huge coming from her). I truly believe the late Christopher Reeve and George Reeves would have given the same kind words in regards to Henry. If you watch this film, you will see that he plays his own 'Man of Steel' but you will also see moments where he is very much like Christopher. One of my favorite parts about Henry's role as Kal-El is the fact he can do the 'Man of Steel' jokes and still bring epic serious scenes to life. For what I mean about the epic serious scenes: In the trailers for this film, they show a couple of his fight scenes which as full scenes in the movie are most likely the best action scenes in 2013.

Now do I agree with Noel about Amy Adams playing Lois Lane? Well, of course I do. The best part about her playing Miss Lane is how she plays the strong no fear Lois but at the same time the girl who still needs the 'Man of Steel' just as much as you know he will need her. As you can see in the trailer scenes and in this film such as the interview room scene, she and Henry make a perfect Lois and Clark/Kal-El.

Every story has a villain, this story has ZOD played by Michael Shannon. Here are the main reasons I find him a great Zod.
1. He is not scared to yell... "I WILL FIND HIM"
2. As Zod, he really has that look and attitude about him that really makes you cheer on the guy in the cape. Yet, that attitude also makes you think.. MAN THIS DUDE MEANS BUSINESS!
3. Michael along with the writing team really bring a new life to the story of Zod.
4. When he yells "I WILL FIND HIM"

We talked about Kal-El aka Clark Kent, we should talk about his two fathers. First it's Jor-El played by Russell Crowe. Same as Michael, I am going to list off the reasons I like him in this film.
1. He has that cool mentor look and sound to him in this film, that really makes you want to listen when Jor-El speaks.
2. He makes the role of Jor-El his own, as it is a new story for Jor-El.
3. He really does give great talks about life.
4. He really gives his all for this role to bring it to life for the fans.

Now for Mr. Kent aka Kevin Costner.
1. He can also give really good life talks for Clark.
2. In just his first scene, he sets a record for Mr. Kent being on the big screen.
3. He brings a new emotion to the role when caring about Clark.
4. He and Diane Lane play great parents as Jonathan and Martha Kent.

Today's word of the day is SPECIAL EFFECTS... Okay two words of the day. My favorite part of the special effects is Henry's flight scenes as well as the battles. Huge thumbs up for the effects team on putting together such an fantastic Krypton. There is not a single detail/effect in this film that will make you say "they could have done that better". What makes these special effects even better? 3D!!

Note to 'Smallville' fans, keep an eye out when watching this film. For all DC Comics movie fans, watch for Easter eggs!

'Man of Steel' will make you fly right back into the theater to see it again.

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  1. Great review! My friends and I really enjoyed Man of Steel. Some were big DC Comics fans and some where just superhero fans. We all loved the movie. Funko POP! has collectable figures for Man of Steel that are super cool.