Saturday, June 22, 2013

Monsters University Review.

(All Photos Copy Right Disney/Pixar)
When you hear the word "prequel", you tend to think you will know how the story goes since it is leading to the movie which you've already seen. Well, Disney and Pixar's Monsters University proves that to be wrong in many ways. Yes, this is a movie about how Mike and Sully from 'Monsters Inc' become who they are now, but this movie isn't that simple, this film has more story then you can ever imagine. Just like every Disney story, there is a true meaning behind it all for the viewers.

Now let's talk about the magic, Disney and Pixar magic that is. The 3D is fantastic in this film and really makes it pop off the screen. One thing I have always loved with these two companies is the fact that they never miss a detail, such as the marvelous feel of the Monsters University Campus (Seen here)

Let's talk about the Monsters!
Billy Crystal Returns as the voice of Mike Wazowski. He really does wonders with bringing Mike to life on the big screen. You can't help but laugh when he tells a joke.

Also returning is John Goodman as James P. Sullivan aka Sully. I think the tone of his voice is one of the best parts of him doing this role, because it fits the look of Sully. Just as they did in the first film, John and Billy really work well together.
We must not forget the other returning voice to this film, Steve Buscemi as Randall.

 A University needs someone to keep the school in line and that is just what Dean Hardscrabble does. Dame Helen Mirren does a divine job as the voice of this powerful school leader.

Such a great cast, including Sean Hayes, Dave Foley, Alfred Molina, Peter Sohn, Joel Murray, Nathan Fillion, Charlie Day, and many more.

Just like Mike here, make sure you make your way to Monsters University today!

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