Monday, July 29, 2013

The Wolverine Review

Hugh Jackman returns as Logan in the box office hit The Wolverine!

Now I will say this now, it isn't a movie for the very young crowd or those who just don't like extreme action (Not judging, just trying to be helpful). There are only a couple scenes with a lot of graphic detail to them, other then that most of the fight scenes leave the idea of graphic cuts to your mind.

You know how when you watch award shows or interviews with Hugh Jackman and he always makes a bunch of jokes and one-liners? Well, that is one of the things that makes him the best person for the role of Logan. Along with the fact that he can play the really serious no time for laughs as well, he really shows both sides of the character. If you look back at Logan in the comics before they did the first 'X-Men' movie, you will notice that he always looked in some way like Hugh, pointing out that it was almost set in comic book history that he was to play this character.

Now a fun part about watching comic book movies such as this one is looking for pieces from the original books, you will see many scenes played out in fights and other moments. Don't worry that doesn't mean they make cheesy remarks, each 'easter egg' as it is called is played out in scenes just to catch your eye, they are not the point of the scene. One of my favorite hints at the comic books is something that has been here from the start of the 'X-Men' movies, that is when Logan says "Bub". Note: STAY TIL THE END! THIS IS A MARVEL FILM!!!

Now for the movie effects. Yes as I said before, there are moments where you will most likely want to look away because of the graphic scenes but over all this movie has some of the best action effects ever. You will not leave the theater disappointed with this film. It isn't just a movie where Wolverine walks in and knocks everyone out, each fight has meaning and true detail.

This movie makes me want to see 'X-Men Days Of Future Past' more and more!! Dear Marvel, Please bring out the movie soon!!! (I know it is coming out next year). Speaking of the upcoming film, who went to San Diego Comic Con? Did you see the X-Men panel? Tweet to @JWing2011 and tell me about it!! I would really like to interact with my readers more, so feel free to talk to me on there and on here!

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