Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Smurfs 2 Review

Everyone's favorite blue friends are back in the new family film "The Smurfs 2" where live action meets animation. Question can the Smurfs make their way into our hearts again with a second movie?

We first saw the Smurfs come to life on the big screen in 2011, yes there was some doubt that the classic cartoon could turn into a good movie but proving that doubt wrong it became a family hit! In regards to my earlier question, yes they can make their way into our hearts for a second time. Maybe even better then the first.

Now bringing classic cartoon characters to life has come a long way since the "Rocky and Bullwinkle" movie in 2000, I am sorry to the cast and crew of that film but it wasn't a perfect film. I think part of the reason that film didn't work was because it was missing story detail, now that fact isn't true with the new 'Smurfs 2' which is filled with a great heart-filled story. The movie also has amazing 3D special effects and top grade animation, I can't believe how life-like the Smurfs are in this film.

Now before we talk about the whole cast, I would like to take a moment to say how much everyone will truly miss Jonathan Winters aka Papa Smurf (1925-1913). I am glad that I had the honor of seeing his final project 'Smurfs 2' on the big screen.

As for the rest of the cast. Let's start with Patrick played by the one and only Neil Patrick Harris, with his comedy and how he is able to do deep in heart scenes makes his role in this film.... "legen.... wait for it.... dary!" (Yes I went there!). Starring along side Neil is Glee star Jayma Mays as Grace, now she really can stand her own in many ways. I really like her in the role of Grace for this film, I think it is great that they gave her a slightly bigger role in the story as well (meaning more script and scenes).

Where would the Smurfs be if they didn't have to watch out for the evil wizard Gargamel played by Hank Azaria? Hank really has a thing for playing the crazy yet evil characters, some of you may remember his role in 'Night of the Museum 2'. His comedy brings so much to this role and he really goes justice to the original Gargamel.

This is your 100% no doubt family film. To answer my earlier question, yes the Smurfs can make their way into our hearts for a second time. I hope they will again in movies to come! Make sure you check out 'The Smurfs 2' now in theaters. Take anyone with you, it is a movie for all ages.

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