Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Day In The Life At Boston Comic con

During the day at Boston Comic Con, there were chances to meet many people who you only see on the big screen. I am not talking about the great celebrities who were there signing autographs. I am talking about the superheroes and villains you can meet, such as the Justice League (Seen below).
Now as it would seem from this picture, the three heroes came to the Comic Con as a group but that isn't the true story. From what I learned while stopping to take their photo is that each came to the event as the stand alone heroes but as the event went on, Superman ran into Batman and fans started to want pictures of the duo. Right before the picture above was taken is the moment they met Green Arrow. After stopping for pictures and talking to the people, Batman, Superman and Green Arrow had to run off to save the world again.
(My guess is they had to fight Joker. There were a few of him around the event).

There was someone else watching for the Bat to return, the mighty Bane.
Now the faces of Gotham weren't the only ones there, there were troopers that traveled from far, far away... Yes I am speaking of the 501st New England Garrison. I've read and seen so much about this group as well as talking to one of their people over email before (Shout out to Andrew), it was nice to finally have the chance to meet some of their other members in person.
Another group like the 501st is the Ghostbusters of New Hampshire. They had a great set-up at the event, including (as you can see in the photo of me with two of their members) the painting from "Ghostbusters II".
(Thank you to my brother for taking the photos of me with the Banner, the Ghostbusters and the 501st, as well as coming to the Boston Comic-Con with me).

There were a lot of artists and writers around the Comic Con, such as Don Rosa (Uncle Scrooge Comics), Scott Snyder (Batman 'New 52'), George Perez (DC Comics) and many more. It was great to see all the different pieces of art. There was always something new as you walked around. There were also TV/Movie celebrities at the event, including Dean O'Gorman and Aidan Turner from 'The Hobbit'.

The next best thing was the vendors. You could find anything from trading cards and autographs to a life size figure of E.T. You won't leave empty handed that is for sure. A Comic Con is one of the best places to find items from older movies such as the Doctor No figure from the first James Bond film "Dr. No" that I saw at one of the vendor booths.

As this year's Boston Comic Con is over, I would like to tell all of you who are thinking about going to the 2014 event.. It is well worth the time.

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