Saturday, January 25, 2014

Ride Along Review

When Ben asks his girlfriend Angela's police officer brother James, for his blessing before asking for her hand in marriage, he has to earn it by going on a 'Ride Along'.

What happens when a police movie, a date night movie and the film 'Are We There Yet?' get mixed together? Well, this film.

Next to the comedy, the best part of this film is how much story they fit into an hour and a half.

The mix of Ice Cube and Kevin Hart is perfect in this film, it will have you laughing the whole time. What is great about Kevin in this is he isn't scared to make jokes about his height, or have others such as Ice Cube also joke about it.

So you add Ice Cube joking about Kevin's height and Kevin joking and trying to make Ice Cube smile together and you get a load of fun and laughs.

Yes this movie has some shooting, but it doesn't mean it is a highly graphic movie. You only really see graphics in story arc scenes and that really only is effects done more to the clothes and that still is only mainly cuts and marks. No I am not saying it is a film for kids, due to the "crude humor", etc.. but I think it is one for all comedy and action movie goers alike.

Over all it is a good mix of cast, effects and story. I believe it sets the bar for 2014 Comedy films.

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  1. While watching this movie, I realized at one point that I hadn't laughed during the last fifteen minutes of the movie.