Saturday, March 22, 2014

Muppets Most Wanted Review

'Muppets Most Wanted' brings back what everyone loves, a truly Muppet movie.

(All photos copyright: Walt Disney Pictures)

Bringing back the idea of a true Muppet movie, this film I believe it beats out 2011 film “The Muppets”. 
I liked the 2011 film, but with this one being based on the Muppet tour and Kermit, it stays true to Jim Henson's classic Muppet stories.

How many Muppets in this photo can you name? (Comment below)

CAMEOS!! That is the word of the day! Why? Because this is filled with many celebrities that you could cast ten more movies full, just by being on the Muppets set. I would state names but I want to leave that as a surprise for when you go to see it. I will say however, that it is one of the best cameo films in a long time.

What about the main people stars of the film?

Let's start off with Ricky Gervais aka Dominic Badguy (Bad-Gi).

Then, Tina Fay aka Nadya.

Finally Ty Burrell aka Jean Pierre Napoleon.

What makes these three great for this film? They work PERFECTLY with the Muppets during the whole film. For example, Ty Burrell spends most of his on screen time with Sam the Eagle and the two of them are a load of laughs. 

As always, musical numbers are a big part of the film, as seen below. 

What is a fun thing for the whole family is the fact you can see many places including London and Berlin, just while sitting in your seats at the theater. 

This is a fantastic film! Truly a Muppet classic!

So take a trip to your local theater and watch the characters that people have loved for generations! 

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