Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Other Woman Review

What happens when one guy is married to one woman, dating two other women and they all three find out? Well, without spoiling the story, let's just say they don't take it so well. AT ALL. Of course I am talking about the new film, The Other Woman.

You know it is a funny thing sitting in the theater for this film. I am happy to say it was a fantastic amount of people at the showing which I attended. Both guys and girls, which makes for great reactions to the comedy of the film. You get everyone laughing for most of the film and then there are the moments when the three main women are joking and talking about men, it seem to be a higher amount of women laughing in the theater then the men. I guess guys start to worry, when girls find laughter and joy in jokes about getting revenge. Over all, I think the whole theater loved the film's comedy.

Here is what I really like about how the writers handled the story. It isn't just you getting to know the wife of the story and how she deals with this, you get to know the other two women as well and it builds more of a story to it. As a film critic I always feel that if the film is set up for a story and the story isn't full, then the film won't be good. Luckily, this film is set up for a story and has a full story to make it work.

The cast is wonderful! Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann and Kate Upton work wonderfully together and bring this film together.

It isn't only the comedy which these three bring to the film, it is how they handle the rest of the story details as well. What I mean is with finding out what is going on, of course each of the three is upset by it. It isn't just about the revenge, it is about their reactions to what happened in the first place. It is amazing how well, they can go from sad, happy and mad without even a slip in lines or actions. They truly do great work.

So over all, I think this movie is great! It is well worth seeing.

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