Monday, April 28, 2014

Only In L.A. Review

Everyone talks about story.. I talk about the story of films, myself. For the Only In L.A. review, I am throwing that all out the window. After a talk with the Director, writer and star of the film, Jus Riddick, I am trying something new which is talking about the star of the film who stands in the background the whole time aka Los Angeles, the City of Angels.

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Why shouldn't this review be different from my others? Isn't that the point of Only In L.A.? Standing out from other films. This isn't only one film, it is a series of films under the roof of one title. One thing this film does is takes on story pieces which many films would run away from. Many people's views on things included in this film and outside of this film are different, but I think a point of this film in a way is to let everyone see the unknown/unseen pieces of Los Angeles, the pieces that some would turn away from.

Los Angeles, the title star of the film. In this film, you can see all of it. As Jus Riddick told me, many people don't see the fact that this film is an “omnibus tribute to the City of Angels”. It is great to focus on a great city like L.A because it does hold a lot of American history both in film and other parts of life.

Here is my favorite part of this film, it is a independent film from a up and coming studio and up and coming director. As a independent site, I really like to see the success of these films. Remember not all studios just popped up from nowhere, every one of them started from the ground up. For a start of this film, it will be making the Film Festival run for the 2014 season. So if you are planning to go to a Film Festival, make sure you check and see if “Only in L.A.” is showing during the event.

So to all my readers who will be attending a showing of this film at an upcoming film festival, once you see the film come back to this review and comment with what you think of the film. Also, if you talk to Director Riddick, please tell him that you read the World Wide Blog Of Movies write up. 

Thank you to Chronicles Film for sending me this film to review.

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