Sunday, August 3, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy Review

Marvel does it again with their new film Guardians of the Galaxy!

There is the funniest action packed film, I've ever seen. You will be laughing on the edge of your seat. People asked if this film would be the end of Marvel's winning run, the answer is no. Marvel has done it again.

You will get "hooked on a feeling", a feeling that you will love the special effects in this film. Groot and Rocket are the best examples of the awesome detail work in this film, just look at Groot and you will see the real looking tree pieces. Speaking of Groot, you will have one line stuck in your head for the whole day after seeing it, "I am Groot". However this line makes more sense and is easier to deal with then " I will find him" being yelled in your face over and over again. This is the only film that I've ever seen that Vin Diesel, only has one scripted line.

Here is something about the Marvel universe in film, each story feels real. By that I mean how Captain America is just a kid from Brooklyn and how Iron Man and Hulk are just two smart guys, who in one way or another made the hero they become. Then Thor, yes he is a god from another planet, but he is sent to earth and tries to fit in. People would wonder how a tree and a raccoon would work in this world, well Marvel figured out how to make it work and they made it work amazingly. There are hints at future stories during the whole film, also watch for Easter eggs.

James Gunn has already confirmed a second film, I can't wait to see what they do next. I also hope they do a cross over film soon with the Avengers, how cool would that be? I can't wait to see Tony Stark and Peter Quill interact, that will be a laugh filled moment. Hulk and Groot would be a good team up too.

Just like every Marvel movie, STAY TIL THE VERY END. There is an after scene, it is Marvel is that a surprise? This is the one scene that will leave you wondering, it isn't nothing like any other. The question is where does it fit into the movie world?

This movie is full of comedy, action and a full detailed story as well as the awesome Guardians of the Galaxy, it truly has it all.

Before I end this review, I have to point out something. You know how they show Peter's music? Well, the name of it is “Awesome Hits Mix”, I believe it is a hint at Chris Pratt's other film “The LEGO Movie”. You know why I like this film? Because “EVERYTHING IS AWESOME”.

So if you are a Marvel fan, this is a must see. If you are new to Marvel movies, this is one to see. Pretty much if you are into action and comedy, this is the film to see. I think there is a good age range for viewers of this film, I think everyone will love it. This is one of the best Marvel films ever!

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