Monday, August 3, 2015


 Marvel introduces a new hero to the Cinematic Universe with “Ant-Man”. Another character that is relatively unknown to anyone who doesn't read comics. After this movie, however, he may very well be one of your favorites.

“Ant-Man” is possibly the funniest installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) but that doesn't mean it is just a goofy movie. There is also plenty of the action and adventure that you have come to expect. Marvel manages to keep the series fresh by taking a different approach to the story. One of the best things about the MCU is that the movies don't feel like you are just watching a different person do the exact same thing you just saw somebody else do. The certainly do that again with this one.

The writers for “Ant-Man” come closer than many have so far to answering the questions many fans ask, “Where is everybody else?” or “Why aren't the rest of the Avengers helping?” I won't explain that further because it could be a spoiler. If you pay attention to the trailers, you know that there is an Avenger in the movie. The scene plays out really well and very funny.

Even though some changes were made to the original casting choices, I think the final decisions worked great together. Paul Rudd does a great job of developing the character and setting the ground work for much more to come. Unlike many origin stories in the MCU, you are not exactly watching the creation of Ant-Man. Instead, you are seeing a passing of the torch. Michael Douglas portrays Hank Pim, the original Ant-Man, and does an excellent job of giving a sense of the history in Hank's past, even without visually seeing much of it.

Speaking of visual, the effects in “Ant-Man” are incredible. The transitions from big to small flow seamlessly together in both the character as well as the scenery. This includes an entertaining “cameo” of sorts during one of the fight scenes.

I fully recommend seeing “Ant-Man”. I know our site founder, Jeremy, would have labeled this one as “Amazing” and I agree.

See you at the movies!


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