Sunday, December 18, 2016

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Almost every Star Wars fan remembers the first scene, where the Rebel ship comes into the screen, followed by the Imperial Star Destroyer. What you don't know is how they got there. Now, “Rogue One” is your chance to find out.

The writers did a great job in creating this film. If you are new to Star Wars, or just not extremely into it, this movie tells a whole story from start to finish. However, if you are someone who may even be able to chart out the Skywalker family tree and how all the characters connect, then you will love this too. There are several Easter Eggs, and name drops throughout this movie that connect it to the Star Wars universe.

The acting in the movie is certainly of top Star Wars caliber. Although if the stories do take place “A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away” then it is possible that the descendents of several characters go on to travel to Earth and settle in Europe, because the number of English accents continues to increase. That is no way a negative, just a funny side note.

One of my favorite parts of the production is the continuity to the original trilogy. When “A New Hope” came out, it was full of futuristic tech based on the 1970s view of the future. Since then, the view has changed, but that doesn’t matter when the story takes place earlier in the timeline. One of the issues with the story flow from the prequel trilogy is that the tech all looked newer than the original trilogy. They really went the extra mile with “Rogue One” to make it fit.

The writing, directing, production, and acting all come together to create a fantastic movie experience. Like other Star Wars films, it is a great combination of action and drama, with plenty of laughs along the way. Many of those laughs are thanks to one of my favorite characters K-250. Every Star Wars story has a droid, and he is a great addition to the cast. He is sort of a mix of R2-D2 and C-3PO. I imagine what he says is similar to what you would hear if you could understand R2-D2’s beeps, with the addition of C-3PO’s lack of tact for when to say it.

I believe that if this team was in place when they created Episodes I, II, and III, it would have turned out so much better. “Rogue One” is not an episode in a trilogy, and they waste no time in showing you the difference, but it is a part of the timeline and connects some dots along the way. Whether you are a full-on Star Wars expert, or someone just looking for a great movie this is the one to see. Our founder, Jeremy, would have definitely called this film “Amazing” and I agree.

Who spotted Easter Eggs? Comment below and tell us how many you caught.

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