Sunday, March 19, 2017

Beauty and the Beast

This movie absolutely does not disappoint! Yes, most of us may already know the main story line, but don't let that allow you to think you won't enjoy this version. There are lots of twists, turns, and additional stories along the way. Additions to the backstory of Beauty and the Beast are a definite treat in this movie. They give the characters and the story a lot more depth and allow you to feel like you know them better. If you had questions about the plot and how things got to where they were after the animated film, they will be answered after you watch this. It keeps you interested and locked into the story until the very end. Even the end credits are enjoyable to watch, so be sure to stay through them.

Belle is portrayed by Emma Watson and she brings an unbelievable depth to this character. She shows that Belle is a strong individual, who believes strongly in family, and who never gives up. She shows care to those around her, and doesn't let others bring her down. The costumes for Belle throughout the film are beautiful and truly fit the character and the scenes. All of the costumes for this movie are works of art.

The Beast is a fantastic combination of making you angry at the person he is to begin with, while making you slowly grow to care for him as Belle does. Dan Stevens, who Downton Abbey fans will recognize, performs this role very well. He brings a great personality to the character.

Gaston is truly the bad guy you love to hate in Beauty and the Beast. Luke Evans is excellent. His facial expressions are a really good addition to the character. His sidekick, LeFou, portrayed by Josh Gad, is awesome. His comments are very entertaining and make you laugh! For avid fans of Frozen, you may occasionally feel like you are listening to Olaf talking!

An iconic character in Beauty and the Beast is Mrs Potts. Emma Thompson is so good and her singing is beautiful. The spunky little Chip is adorable and loveable. He is portrayed by Nathan Mack – who brings a bright, youthful, inquisitive personality to Chip.

The music is the perfect mix of the original songs from the animated film and new pieces. Many of you will leave the cinema wanting to purchase the soundtrack! The production numbers for songs such as “Be Our Guest” are mesmerizing – a nod to classic stage performances.

The sets and scenery really make you feel like you are emerged in their world – from walking through the village to entering the castle – it is all very realistic and well done. There also seems to be a nod to “The Sound of Music” in Beauty and the Beast – let us know if you see it too!

In the words of our founder, J-Wing, Beauty and the Beast is truly an amazing movie. Please go see it and share your thoughts! Just remember – no spoilers on World Wide Blog of Movies!


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