Tuesday, October 17, 2017

One of Vermont's own has song selected for movie soundtrack!

Jamie Lee Thurston moved to Nashville years ago to pursue his dreams of music – but he never forgets his Vermont roots – as you can tell by listening to some of his songs – and attending his shows. Vermont loves him and his fans always come out when he's in town. Recently, Jamie Lee's music took him to Hollywood, as his song “Why Wouldn't I?” is included in the soundtrack for the movie “9/11” that was released last month. World Wide Blog of Movies got the chance to interview him recently.

~Congrats on "Why Wouldn't I?" being selected for the movie 9/11. What does this mean to you?
Thanks Jenny! I’m not sure what it means, but it feels pretty darn good. When you write a song from the heart that you feel is one of your better songs, it’s pretty cool to have some folks in Hollywood echo the same sentiment.

~How was the experience of being at the movie premier?
The experience of being at the movie premier was kind of surreal. My business partner and I flew into LA, hopped a cab downtown to our hotel, chilled out for a bit at the hotel, and then bam! we were walking into the premier. Next thing I know I’m walking the red carpet with flash bulbs going off! I sat next to a director in the theater who was a really good guy, and we had some great conversation. After the movie was over we walked into the reception room and I saw this guy coming at me that I thought I recognized. I said “hey man, do you play bass?” He said “as a matter of fact I do.” My next words were “you’re a badass!” It turns out he’s the guy that plays bass with Joe Bonamassa. I’d seen him in concert videos that I had watched. We had a good chat and he gave me his card. Really good dude. After that it was dinner, and our waitress just happened to have gone to the University of Vermont! Small world. One more cocktail near our hotel, and then we were up and out of there in the a.m., and on our way back to Nashville. A bit of a whirlwind trip you could say!

~Many of your songs have special meanings to a lot of people - which one has a special meaning to you that people might not know about?
Pretty much all of them have a special meaning for one reason or another, but the one that comes to mind right now is “Like A Rockstar” that’s off of my new record. It’s about a someone who lived just up the road from where I grew up in Waterbury Ctr. Vt. He was in bands his whole life, and he and I were in a band together for a few years. Unfortunately, due to some personal challenges and substance abuse, he passed away from an overdose. It was the first time someone that close to me and died basically from an accident. I still miss him to this day…..

~How does it make you feel to know that people have leaned on your music during some of their darkest times, and people also use your music to help celebrate great times?
I suffer from depression myself, so I know all about “dark” times. To think that what I do might be able to help someone when they are in a rough spot is very humbling and kind of surreal to me. I’ve gotten messages from people realtime while they are having a couple of cold ones, and while still being kind of surreal, it’s also pretty cool to know that some folks are thinking about you when you least expect it!

~What is your favorite movie of all time?  Why?
I don’t think I have “one” favorite movie per se, but there are a few that come to mind. I love Jeremiah Johnson, starring Robert Redford and directed by Sydney Pollack. I think it’s really cool how they filmed it in the winter, in the middle of the rockies. The first several minutes there was almost no dialogue, which is not done that often. Needless to say, the landscape was incredible, and the acting superb. I’m a big John Wayne fan and have dozens of his movies. One of my favorite comedies of all time is My Cousin Vinny. Joe Pesci was hilarious, and Marissa Tomei was brilliant.

~So we all know a new album is coming out soon, anything you can tell us about it?
I do have a new record coming out, and man am I excited for it. I think this could be the best representation of all of my musical influences being blended into one record. There’s a song about killing’, one about prison, one about chickens, and everything in between. I truly can’t wait for it to drop!

~When not traveling and performing, what is your favorite thing to do?
I really don’t have much of a personal life. I’m usually always working. One thing that comes to mind that I love to do is go deer hunting. Every year I travel back to my hometown, hook up with my cousins, and walk the mountains where I grew up. It takes a couple of days for my mind to settle down, but when it does it is some kinda peaceful. Not to mention, getting to spend time with family and old friends. It’s truly my favorite thing to do every year. The only other thing I do when I do have a little free time, is go to the movies. It’s the one time my brain goes into neutral (or almost) and I can just enjoy (hopefully..lol) being taken where the movie goes.

~When you go see a movie in theater, what's your favorite snack?
I can’t go to a movie without some popcorn….with a little butter. The two go together like the creme filling and chocolate cookie that makes up an oreo cookie. You can’t have one without the other!

A very special thank you to Jamie Lee Thurston for doing this interview, and to his manager, Julie Atwood, for helping make it happen!


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