Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man MiniMates by Diamond Select Toys Review

Wish you could replay scenes from "The Amazing Spider-Man"? Well you can! With the Amazing Spider-Man line of MiniMates by Diamond Select Toys.

I went to Toys R Us and got the set of Battle Damaged Spider-Man and Lizard. There is also a sweet Marvel poster inside the box. The other figures in the Minimate Amazing Spider-Man series are Vigilante Spider-Man, Spider-Man, Peter Parker, Captain Stacy, Dr. Connors, Gwen Stacy. Now let's talk about the figures of this set.

Battle Damaged Spider-Man has the full detail of his suit including the detail of small tears and marks from his fight with Lizard, don't forget his web shooters on both arms. Now what about the man behind the mask? The Spider-Man lifts off and reveals Peter's face, his backpack and hair finish off the look. His arms move around so you can make him look like he is fighting and swinging around town trying to stop Lizard.

Now on to the darker side of Dr. Connors, aka the Lizard! What does a big green dino looking lizard man look like as a MiniMate? He looks AWESOME! Unlike Spidey in this set, Lizard is one peice other then his tail.

The set comes with one base stand, so you can switch who you are moving and who you want standing still. I can't wait to find more of this series and the rest of the MiniMates. Don't forget to check out Toys R Us for those that are only for sale at their stores.

Make sure to check out The Amazing Spider-Man when it comes to Blu-Ray and DVD (Date: TBA)

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