Thursday, July 11, 2013

Funko Pop! Man Of Steel Review

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's FUNKO POP! Superman and Pop! General Zod from the new movie "Man Of Steel".

The great part about Pop! figures is that you can build up a huge matching collection of them but each figure is it's own special piece.  Including the new Pop! Superman from 'Man Of Steel' which includes the very detailed movie suit. This is what I was talking about with the Iron Man 3 Funko review, the detail they put into these figures is really quite marvelous.

(Photo Copyright: Warner Brothers Pictures and DC Entertainment)
As you can see in this official picture of Henry Cavill as Superman (above) from the movie "Man of Steel", there are small shapes that make his suit and the symbol which is true for the Pop! Superman as well (below).

The second figure is Pop! General Zod. This figure brings you Zod in his battle armor, which is all black (some would say that it is Zod's favorite color... Have you seen him?). Again the detail is amazing on this figure, you can see the 3D effect of the metal on his armor making it really stand out.

One that really stands out with Funko Pop! figures is the face features they put to show who it is suppose to be, for example the Pop! General Zod has the goatee just like Michael Shannon in the film. Other details they put on to these figures are things such as Superman's Cape.

I look forward to seeing more from this fantastic company. Speaking of Funko! Here is a shout to all my readers heading to San Diego for this year's International Comic-Con! Make sure you visit Funko's booth while you are there and check out these great figures and more. While you are at their booth, tell them World Wide Blog Of Movies sent you (No that doesn't get you a prize but it is always nice to know my readers talk about the site). Also if you have Twitter while you are at the event, feel free to tweet photos to @JWing2011 #JWingReaders13SD

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  1. These are amazing collectable figures for Man of Steel. Probably the first collectable or toy I've actually considered buying for Man of Steel!