Thursday, July 18, 2013


Turbo speeds into theaters, not only with awesome racing but with great heart as well.

First I would like to start off with a note to the parent figures: This movie has a great story and great meaning to it, but please remind the kids not to try to make their own speed faster by using turbo fuel as they use in race cars. Tell them that Turbo doesn't use it by choice and that they don't effect a human as they do an animated snail. PLEASE GO SEE THIS FILM WITH THEM, IT IS A GREAT FAMILY MOVIE.

Now on to the review.

Ryan Reynolds brings to life a everyday garden snail who dreams of being something more. Now even from the start of the film, we can all learn one thing from Turbo. NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS! NEVER BELIEVE THAT YOU CAN'T JUST BECAUSE OF YOUR LIMITATIONS! Now some of my returning readers will remember that Ryan Reynolds was the star of Green Lantern which was the first review on my site. (To everyone who has been following my site since that review, THANK YOU). Now the question is, how does Ryan do in this film? Well it is a hard job to help bring to life a snail on the big screen, luckily Ryan is the man for that job. The tone of his voice in this movie makes you truly care what happens to Turbo in his journey, he really sounds the part of a very honest and hopeful dreamer.

Turbo isn't alone in this film, he is join by many others including his brother Chet. Voiced by Paul Giamatti, Chet isn't as wild as Turbo. The thing with Chet is that he always worries about his brother and wants the best him, does he know what the best for Turbo is? Paul brings a honest tone to Chet and really makes his clam and no funny business idea of life truly show.

The human brothers are Tito and Angelo. Tito can be seen with Turbo in the trailer for the film, he voiced by Michael Pena. Angelo who is a mix of Turbo and Chet from my view, he voiced by Luis Guzman (Vermont shout to Luis!). I think these two really do great along side Ryan and Paul. I don't want to give away too much spoilers on the story, so I want to give shouts out to the rest of the main cast.

Samuel L. Jackson, Snoop Dogg, Richard Jenkins, Ken Jeong, Michelle Rodriguez (She has a thing for racing! Fast and the Furious), Maya Rudolph, Ben Schwartz, Bill Hader, Mike Bell.

Now what about these special effects? I believe Despicable Me 2 had more 3D tricks to it, Turbo uses more of the layer effects such as rain falling. It really works well but this film is more about it's base special effects including the speed effects for when Turbo is moving around. Best part about the details is the Indy 500 cars, they seem so real on the screen. The light effects when the show the cars really brings out the detail of the metal.

This movie is filled with heart. It is well worth seeing, you should bring someone with you because they will enjoy it as well! It is a movie perfect for the whole family. So speed your way into the theaters and see Turbo in REALD 3D! (Only speed when walking to the ticket booth, please drive safely).

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  1. This is a total children entertainer. Adults who like to watch animations would like to skip this movie if they are expecting something like "kung fu panda" or "how to train your dragon" from this 'dreamworks' movie as script is flat and quite predictable. though the animation is top notch, there are couple of goof-ups made in script of this movie. concept is out- of -the- box but not well developed one. There are few laughs and few 'wow' moments.