Friday, December 25, 2015

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

It takes a special kind of movie franchise to do what has just been accomplished. Start with a trilogy that has gone down in history as some of the best movies ever made. Next, release a prequel movie that disappointed even the most loyal of fans on some level, followed by two more that still seemed to fall somewhat short of expectations. You would think that would take some wind of the sails for the popularity, right? Not for “Star Wars”. “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” was setting records before it was ever shown on a movie screen. It played to sellout crowds all over the country on the night of Thursday, December 18. Including Essex Cinemas in Vermont.

The scene looked like a “Star Wars” edition of Comic Con.  Stormtroopers and Imperial Officers from the 501st Legion's New England Garrison were there to welcome guests as they entered the lobby. I don't know if it is an official slogan, but one of my favorite phrases used to describe the 501st is, “Bad Guys Doing Good.” Of course several other fans were also dressed for the occasion. Many people have been working on their costumes since the day this movie was announced, and that effort paid off with some very impressive, and possibly screen ready looks.

After a great welcome, it was time for the main event. Even the Lucasfilms logo was greeted with applause. With all the hype leading up to the release, the bar was set high. So high, that there was plenty of room for disappointment. Not only did “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” reach the bar, it bounded over it. In true “Star Wars” fashion, they waste no time getting to the action.

You'll never believe it when....just kidding, this is a Spoiler-Free zone.

The cast fits together wonderfully. It is a great blend of the characters you know and love as well as the new characters you meet along the way. The visuals are a definite win too. As you may have seen in some photos from production, there is more than just green screen used in this movie. There was even a full sized Millennium Falcon on set. The special effects of the movie brings back the feel of the original trilogy without the over CG'ed looked that occurred in parts of the prequels. This site has always been a spoiler-free zone, and will stay that way. It would be hard to explain how the cast interacted on screen without giving away too much. All that can be said at this point is what our Founder would have said about this movie. It is “AMAZING”!! If you haven't seen it yet, do your best to fix that over the holidays.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from WORLD WIDE BLOG OF MOVIES!!

See you at the movies!


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