Saturday, May 7, 2016

Captain America: Civil War


Have you ever watched a movie in the Avengers series and wondered what happened after the fight? They saved the day, but what about all the buildings they destroyed during the battle, and were any civilians inside?

Well, those questions and others are faced head on in “Captain America: Civil War”. Similar to “Iron Man 3”, the movie deals with the aftermath of the events of the previous movies, and the effect they had on each of the characters. Only this time, it is also about the effect they had on the world itself. Governments want the Avengers to work for them and not independently as they have, and this causes a rift in the team.

The cast does a great job portraying the struggle to do what they feel is right, but not letting that mean they don’t care for their friends. I believe that part of the reason this worked so well is because many of the cast members have worked together over multiple movies. They have developed the characters and their friendships, which helps the audience to really care about the conflict. Chris Evans (Captain America) and Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man) make it hard to decide if you are #TeamCap or #TeamIronMan. You can respect both of their reasons for feeling the way they do about the rules. The trouble runs a little deeper than that, but you’ll have to watch and see for yourself.

One of the most important characters in the story is actually one of the newest. Elizabeth Olsen brings her character of Wanda, the Scarlet Witch, to new depths. Having grown since Sokovia, but still greatly effected by what happened there.

It was unclear at first how “Captain America 3” would include so many characters, but it worked. While it was a Captain America movie, they did a good job of making each member of the team have a significant role. Even brand-new characters such as Ant-Man play a big part (no pun intended). Scarlett Johansson returns for her 5th appearance as the Black Widow. She plays a pivotal piece of the puzzle as the events of the movie unfold. Rumor has it she is finally getting her own solo film. I hope so. Another hero is introduced in the movie as Spider-Man makes his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This really might be the best big screen version of the character yet. Peter Parker is a teenager, and his alter-ego still reflects that.

If there was any room for improvement with this movie, I would say it was with the main villain. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has had mixed reviews on how it compares to the comics. This time, it seems they were a little further from it than usual. The villain seems to lack that big evil moment that makes you remember them. They do bad things throughout the movie, but most of it seems to be more the actions of a hired hand rather than the main villain. Don’t let that turn you away from the movie. It is an absolutely great film, but they could have done this one part a little differently.

As always, the production team hit it out of the park with visuals and special effects. It is not an easy task when you consider the wide range of powers that the team has, but they make it all come together in a very believable way. They take these amazing powers and abilities, and make you believe they work in real world physics. Well, except for maybe one thing, but they’ll let you know which one.

This is a definite win in a long line of entertaining movies. In true MCU fashion, many story lines come to a head in the movie while others lead us towards the future movies. “Captain America: Civil War” delivers on action, drama, and even the right amount of comedy. One of the best so far in the MCU. It the words of the World Wide Blog of Movies founder, Jeremy, “It was AMAZING!!”

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