Monday, June 26, 2017

Wonder Woman

 There has been no shortage of superhero movies in recent history. There is, however, a severe shortage of female title characters in these movies. That does not mean there hasn't been strong female characters, such as the Avengers' Black Widow.

This movie initially picks up following the events of “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”. It then uses the popular flashback concept to begin Wonder Woman's origin story. While her early years are covered in a short time, presumably in an effort to maximize screen time for star Gal Gadot. Overall, viewers are given a good look at life in Diana's home. Unfortunately, the piece they glaze over the most is a key piece in any superhero story. She discovers she has these powers, but shows little interest in knowing how. She more or less, seems to just know how to use them. Maybe there will be another flashback in a future movie, perhaps explaining them to another member of the Justice League.

This light detail in no way takes from the quality of the movie. In fact, it leaves more time for the main story. If you were a fan of “Captain America: The First Avenger”, or at least its concept, then you will like this. In a far cry from the extremely modern Metropolis and Gotham City where we met her in the previous movie, we find Wonder Woman in the midst of World War I. The film makers do a solid job of setting the scene. Not only do you see the action of war, but you see the effect of it on the soldiers and civilians.

Gal Gadot was an excellent choice for the role. The reason the movie has been so successful is that she creates a great character. It isn't just because she is a female hero. It is more so because she is a hero that happens be female. They manage to make a statement without losing the story under it.

One of the great things about the writing is that you are piecing together the clues right along with the characters. They don't just spell it out for you and then let you watch as Diana catches up.

Steve Trevor debuts on the big screen, portrayed by Chris Pine. The relationship between Steve and Diana has a fairly good balance. While Wonder Woman is clearly the superhero of the story, they avoid simply reversing the sadly typical stereotypes of making Steve the one always in need of saving. He has his fair share of heroic moments.

There still seems to be a common issue with many superhero movies. The fight with the big bad guy doesn't quite happen how you imagine it. That isn't to say it's disappointing, it just isn't quite on par with everything leading up to it.

Overall, I would say this is the hit DC and Warner Bros. Have been looking for. Let's hope “Justice League” continues on the upswing. Our founder, Jeremy, would certainly put the “Amazing” stamp on this movie. If you want a movie with a great story and exciting action, this is one for you.

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